Winter Image Tips

These tips will work with any type camera including a compact, DSLR, smart phone, Wireless, meduim & large format. Many camera sensors will underexpose the image, turning snow blue or gray. Correct with EV, manually or in post production.

Old Barn:stream winter#2Tip #1: Including foreground elementd provides interest in the scene.








Tip #2: Including people provides scale. Dr. Morrison  photographed this with a smart phone.

Looking Glass Falls, Winter Dr. Eric Morrison image
Looking Glass Falls, Winter Dr. Eric Morrison image


Tip #3Ice Climbing Rt 215 #2 Grytten Including action helps create interest.





Tip #4 Using a fence to provide leading lines. The small camera flash on body was used to provide light on the fence.

Joyce Kilmer
Joyce Kilmer
Winter Backlit tree
Winter Backlit tree










Tip 5. Front light makes flat images in winter. Using backlit subjects by sun provides shadows and highlight that give a scene interest. If centering the sun in the middle 1/3 of the frame and stopping the aperture down to F/22 it’s often possible to create a starburst effect.


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